Hot Checks

Filing a Hot Check
The Van Zandt County Criminal District Attorney’s Office collects and prosecutes “hot checks” (theft by check) which were passed in Van Zandt County. If you have received a “hot check” for goods or services provided in Van Zandt County, please follow the procedures set out below to submit the check to our office for collection and prosecution:

  1. If the check was returned as “NSF”, you must send the check writer a Notice Letter by certified mail (return receipt requested) and allow 10 days from the date the letter was received for the check writer to make restitution.
    1. If the check was returned as “Account Closed”, “Unable to Locate”, or “No Account Found”, you are not required to send the check writer a notice letter.
  2. If the check writer does not pay you restitution within 10 days after receiving the notice letter, complete the Worthless Check Affidavit and bring it or mail it to our office at 400 S. Buffalo, Canton TX 75103, Attn: Hot Checks. Please attach the following documents to the Worthless Check Affidavit:
    1. the original check or a certified copy of the check
    2. the certified mail proof of service (green card)
    3. a copy of the notice letter

We are unable to collect or prosecute the following checks:

  1. Checks that have been issued to pay an account or a loan (i.e. rent).
    1. Checks have to be simultaneously exchanged for a good or service.
    2. If the exchange was not simultaneously, there may be an implied extension of credit under the law.
  2. Checks that have not been exchanged for a good or service as defined by Ch. 31, TX Penal Code.
  3. Checks that have been post dated or that you have agreed to hold until a certain date.
    1. There had to be good faith reliance upon the check when it was passed.
  4. Checks that have not been passed in Van Zandt County.

Paying a Hotcheck
If you would like to pay a “Hot Check”, you can:

  1. Bring cash/money order/cashier’s check to our office located at 400 South Buffalo, Canton TX 75103
  2. Mail in a money order/cashier’s check
    1. Be sure to include the check writer’s name or case number
  3. Pay with a credit card by calling the hot check department at (903) 567-4104 

We will not accept personal checks under any circumstance

Victim Assistance

After a case is accepted for prosecution by the Criminal District Attorney’s Office, the victim assistance coordinator sends an initial contact packet to the crime victim. The packet contains informational brochures, a victim impact statement, and information about the Victim Information and Notification Everyday (VINE) program. They also receive information about and an application for crime victim compensation or property restitution, if applicable.

A victim assistance coordinator can assist in providing information on court dates, jail status, disposition information, and referrals to available social service agencies. The coordinator may also assist in completing forms and explaining general court process and procedures. The victim assistance coordinator can accompany the victim to court or meetings with prosecutors and investigators. Our office is able to provide a comfortable, safe and secure waiting area, away from the courts and media where victims and their families can relax and feel secure during court proceedings.

The victim coordinators work closely with other agencies to provide referrals to victims of crime. They may include MADD, The Childrens Advocacy Center of Van Zandt County, the East Texas Crisis Center and the local law enforcement agencies within our county.

If you are a victim in a case that is pending in  Van Zandt County, you can contact the Victim Assistance Coordinator at (903) 567-4104. We are located at 400 S. Buffalo, Canton TX 75103.